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Although retired for several years from their official careers, both Gary Jordan and Ralph Baca were not the type of guys to sit around playing checkers. They shared a love of nature, so being outdoors was certainly a requirement. They both loved the seasons, especially spring when the new growth started to appear. tis what drove them to become avid gardeners. In the spring of 2020 while researching the best soil compositions for various organic vegetables that they were planning to grow that year, Gary came across an article about growing garlic. He discovered a startling statistic. Chinese currently grow nearly 80% of all the garlic sold in the world] There is more than enough room for a domestic supplier of fine garlic he thought. The more he read about it, the more curious and enthusiastic he became. As he continued his research into cultivating a garlic crop, He met Ralph. It turns out Ralph shared the interest in expanding his gardening skills into garlic as well. And so, with that chance meeting, the seed for Garlic Guys And Beyond was planted. Let’s do this! And so they did. But let’s not Just grow garlic. Let’s grow the best garlic. From that day forward, they worked on special custom soil blends, studied the best organic
techniques, developed a raised garden bed to protect the plants and bulbs from critters and other undesirable potential invasions, and studied irrigation and sunlight requirements. This dedication and
hard work resulted in the finest garlic today. Don’t just take our word for it. Visit our Products Page to place your order. We are a specialty supplier of fine garlic and supplies are sometime limited. We don’t just sell it, we grow it!
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